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Experience STA and Respite
Like Never Before!

Here at Global Caring, we take pride in delivering the best STA and respite services available. With breathtaking accommodations in stunning locations and a huge range of top quality activities, we do our best to provide unforgettable experiences. However, our ultimate focus is on providing the absolute best service, specifically tailored to your unique needs. Allow us to craft you an extraordinary holiday and experience through our exceptional STA and respite services.

Our Services

The Team

Get ready to meet our incredible team at Global Caring! We're all about creating epic experiences for you. Our friendly, caring, and energetic team loves getting involved in all activities and engaging with everyone who stays with us. From exciting adventures to relaxing moments, we're here to make your stay unforgettable. We know how to have a blast and also take it easy when needed. Join us and let's make some amazing memories together!

Rave Reviews: What Our Clients Say

Alexa Young, CA

"Hayden had a fanstatic time, thank you so much!!! That was the second time he has been away from his family and he had such a great time!"

Morgan James, NY

Raml & Xavier
Rami & Xavier
"My brother and I stayed here over the school holidays and had a great time, with such a wide variety of activities we got to do things we never experienced before!"

Lisa Driver, MI

"Global Caring recently provided my son with an amazing STA holiday. Helicopter rides, theme parks, gel blasting and dolphin feeding.... this is no ordinary STA Experience!"
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